Dog Fiction, Poetry and Art

The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

The classic 1903 tale of Buck, a pet dog who is stolen and transported to Alaska to work as a sled dog during the gold rush. This is Jack London at his best.

University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN 0806127570, $24.50
284 pages, Hardcover

Cooking With Dogs

by Karen Dowell

This award-winning collection of vignettes, poems and illustrations makes a wonderful gift for anyone who's ever had a dog underfoot in the kitchen, the bedroom, the office.... Featuring the work of eight artists, each with their own special way with dogs, the book's light and playful text covers territory sure to be entertaining to any dog lover.

Two Dog Press
ISBN 1891090011, $19.95 cloth with dustjacket
64 pages

Dog Dogs

by Robert Rosenblum

Art historian Robert Rosenblum explores dogs in art as he illustrates major cultural and social changes from Romanticism to Post-Modernism. View life with dogs over 250 years through paintings, watercolors, drawings, photographs, architecture, and sculpture. A beautiful, engaging book.

Phaidon Press
ISBN 0714838055, $9.95 paperback
512 pages

Dog in Art

by Robert Rosenblum

Art historian Robert Rosenblum explores dogs in art as he illustrates major cultural and social changes from Romanticism to Post-Modernism. View life with dogs over 250 years through paintings, watercolors, drawings, photographs, architecture, and sculpture. A beautiful, engaging book.

ISBN 0-8109-1143-4
124 pages

Dog Music

edited by Joseph Duemer and Jim Simmerman

The perfect gift for any dog lover, Dog Music is a wonderful collection of poems about dogs that pays eloquent and heartfelt tribute to man's best friend. Featuring more than 160 poems and 100 poets, from the famous to the obscure, this book is ideal for any poet who loves dogs--and any dog who loves poetry. The basting on the biscuit? Proceeds benefit animal welfare organizations.

St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0-312-13964-0, $16.95
280 pages

Dog Tales

photographs by Myron Beck, introduction by Richard A. Wolters

Nine classic stories by some of the best writers of this century: Robert Benchley, John Held, Jr., O. Henry, Eric Knight, Ring Lardner, Don Marquis, Dorothy Parker, Saki, and James Thurber.

Wings Books
ISBN 0-517-14855-2, $9.95 Hardcover
86 pages

A Dog's Head

by Jean Dutourd, translated by Robin Chancellor

This is not a book for the average dog lover, certainly not for children, but Jean Dutourd does an exquisite job of weaving a surreal tale of a man born with the head of a dog--a rather comely spaniel. Blending whimsy and satire, spiced with a hint of bestiality, Dutourd has created a modern-day fable of survival in a world that rejects those who are different.

University of Chicago Press
ISBN 0226174921 $12.00 paperback
150 pages

Dogs and Their Women

edited by Barbara Cohen and Louise Taylor

In a series of vignettes and essays, women talk about the special relationships they have with their dogs. Wonderful pictures, fascinating and concise stories.

Little Brown
ISBN 0-316-15036-3, $10.95
116 pages

For Every Dog and Angel

by Christine Davis

A magical little gift book that offers comfort to anyone who's lost a beloved dog, For Every Dog an Angel illustrates the special bond between a person and their "forever dog" and paints a heartwarming picture of this author's dog heaven.

Lighthearted Press
ISBN 0965922502 $9.95 Hardcover

If Only You Knew How Much I Smell You

by Roy Blount, photography by Valerie Shaff

A rich collection of appealing black and white photographs accompanied by the amusing doggerel of American humorist Roy Blount, Jr. The faces of the dogs in this gift book are priceless. And Blount's words capture what we often think dogs are thinking.

Bullfinch Press
ISBN 0821224972 $19.95 Hardcover

Island Dog

by Rebecca Goodale

This bright and colorful picture book illustrates one dog's day of adventure as it swims to a beach, meets new dog friends, and explores the coastline, before returning to a lighthouse home. You can create your own text to go with the book or invite your child to create their own stories about this special island dog.

Two Dog Press
ISBN 1891090038, $17.95 Cloth with Dustjacket
38 pages

James Herriot's Dog Stories

by James Herriot

A charming collection of the much-loved Yorkshire veterinarian's favorite stores about his favorite animal. A must have for Herriot fans.

St. Martins Press
ISBN 0312439687, $15.37
426 pages

Just Labs

photographs by Dale C. Spartas, text by Steve Smith

Every lab owner should have this book, which consists mostly of stunning color photos of labs doing lab things: swimming, hunting, looking majestic and goofy. Smith's prose augments the pictures well with concise comments about lab traits.

Willow Creek Press
ISBN 1-57223-029-0, $35.
144 pages

My Dog's Brain

by Stephen Huneck

Venture into the mind of Sally, Stephen Huneck's black labrador. Illustrated with Huneck's colorful woodblock prints, My Dog's Brain focuses on dogged pursuits, such as hogging the bed, food, and barking for no reason.

Penguin Studios
ISBN 0670877360 $27.50 Hardcover

The New Yorker Book of Dog Cartoons

by New Yorker Cartoon Editors

If you're partial to the dog cartoons featured in The New Yorker, you'll love this miniature collection, which includes the work of 46 wonderful artists -- from James Thurber to Charles Barsotti.

Alfred A.Knoft
ISBN 0-679-76542-5, $10.00
104 pages

101 Uses for a Lab

photography by Dale C. Spartas

This whimsical look at labrador retrievers shows them at work, at play, and at home. Photographer Dale Spartas does an excellent job of capturing the breed at its best and most lovable. Uses 1-81 were terrific, some expected (Use 11 - Pillow), others delightfully unexpected (Use 38 - Manacurist). Spartas lost us in the last section on Labs as Guru, but overall a wonderful book.

Willow Creek Press
ISBN 157223131-9, $14.95
112 pages

William Wegman Puppies

by William Wegman

Photographer William Wegman shares some of the most amazing pictures of weimaraner puppies in this beautiful book. Wegman tells the story of how he got his first dog, Man Ray, the bond that developed between them, and eventually led him to adopt Fay Ray, the mother of the pups on display. Well written, but you'll remember it for the photographs.

ISBN 0-7868-0320-7, $24.95

Travels with Charley in Search of America

by John Steinbeck

Step back in time to America in the 1960's with John Steinbeck as he travels the back roads with his dog, Charley. Steinbeck does a wonderful job of painting portraits of the people he meets and capturing the special relationship he has with Charley.

Penguin USA
ISBN 0140053204, $6.36
277 pages


edited by Amy Hempel and Jim Shepard

Writers coach their dogs in the art of writing poetry and the result is wonderful. Sometimes witty, sometimes silly, often haunting, these poems by writer's dogs are a delight for any literary dog lover.

Crown Publishers, Inc.
ISBN 0-517-70140-5, $19
180 pages

White Fang

by Jack London

Another classic Jack London story, White Fang is the story of a wolf hybrid--three quarters wolf, one quarter dog--who was born in a cave in the frozen artic, but was only half wild. And the man offered him freedom, friendship, and hope.

Troll Communications
ISBN 10812505123, $2.39

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